Why Building Permits are Worth Your While

building permit clipart
Over the years, we’ve sold many “cabins” that didn’t have building permits.  Long story short, obtaining a building permit is always in a property owner’s best interest.  When you go to sell, a Buyer may want to know everything is legal and up to code. Sellers must disclose adverse material facts, and if something is built without a permit, it too must be disclosed.

In Larimer County, you don’t need a permit for structures 120 square feet or less.  Otherwise, any large structural changes or additions will most likely require a permit. Examples include replacing the roof, upgrading electric, any new construction, additions, or larger remodels. It’s always best to check with the County or municipality before you begin construction.

As for the process, you’ll need to fill out a permit application and bring a hard copy, along with your building plans, to the Larimer County Building Department. You’ll need to submit information about the size and cost of the project, as well as names and contact information for property owners, contractors, engineers, architects, etc. The application will be reviewed to make sure plans comply with County building codes and land use regulations. Keep in mind that permits are voided if construction and/or an inspection is not commenced within 180 days of issuance, and there are extra fees for any changes to the plan after permit is granted.

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