How the Pandemic Shapes Design Trends

The pandemic reveals the essential nature of our homes, and opens up more opportunities to reconsider average needs and configurations. With the change comes a new wave of trends for 2021 focusing on creating diverse and more functional spaces. Our home has become so much more than a place of rest and relaxation; it is our workplace, our school, our coffee shop, our gym and yoga studio, and more. In short, the home is now our hub for all activities that used to occur in public spaces.

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Check out our list of the more popular interior design trends now in demand:

1. Home Offices – the surge of these is no surprise, with a huge majority of jobs now operating remotely. And we’ve also seen demand for more than just one office, so everyone has their own private work stations.

2. Sunrooms & Porches – areas that mediate between outdoor and indoor space, including mud rooms, can be a great way to enjoy nature, as well as creating a separate space for sanitizing and decreasing the transmission of disease. Outdoor heaters and comfortable furniture have also seen an increase in sales, as people look to recenter social gatherings to safer open air spaces.

3. Exercise Rooms – with many gyms and yoga studios at limited capacity, demand for workout space is on the rise. This can include quiet areas for meditation and reflection, in addition to recreational equipment. We’ve also seen increasing desire for personal hot tubs, saunas, and cold baths that mimic the comprehensive gym/spa experience.

4. Splash of Color – Warmer colors are making a comeback as people welcome brighter and more uplifting surroundings. Whether it’s new paint, ornate rugs, or modern pillows, many are looking to add splashes of color where they can.

5. Virtuality – As expected, the remote nature of our world has only increased our focus on things like virtual apps for interior design, the integration of furniture with digital technology, and even virtual reality programs, so you can golf from the comfort of your own living room.

Only time will tell how these trends play out in the future, what will become more permanent features and what will become obsolete with the hope of a more “normalized” day-to-day and increased vaccine distribution. The very construction of homes are currently being reevaluated, such as systems like ventilation and acoustics with regard to these changes.

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