Burned Properties are Selling

The last decade has witnessed the High Park and Cameron Peak wildfires dramatically change our landscape in Northern Colorado. But that hasn’t stopped the demand for mountain property. A growing population brings new Buyers to the table, and they are often willing to pay close to asking price or higher for these lots. In the Bellvue area alone, which was hit hard by the Cameron Peak Fire in the Upper Buckhorn, we’re seeing unprecedented prices for burned ground.

This new breed of buyers brings their vision for the future and the rebuilders are building new and more expensive cabins.  Spring showers brought summer flowers and these areas are greening and blooming with new life.  Properties under 15 acres on average sold for $16,825/acre, with 30-40 acres averaging $7,625/acre; there are currently 2 under contract, a 34+ acre property at $325,000 with only 3 days to offer, and a 2-acre property priced at $80,000 with only 2 days to offer.  These prices are rivaling raw land lots unaffected by the fires! Partly because land listings in the Upper Buckhorn/Pingree Park area are rare.

Clearly, the damage done to these properties has not damaged their market value. In fact, we have seen a consistent rise in land values over the years, despite the fires, and even immediately after these natural disasters, they have continued to sell. This is great news for those property owners, and shows that Colorado land is a solid investment regardless.